Simmer's Lord of the Rings Settlers

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Hello and welcome to Simmer's Settlers Of MIddle Earth!

This site is dedicated to the creation of my 3D settlers of catan game that is themed in the style of The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings.  This game will cover basic settlers, seafarers, knights and cities, traders and barbarians, and possibly in the future, the latest expansion: Explorers and Pirates. Each of these will also come with pieces for up to 6 players.  The idea is that each of the six players will represent a different race from Middle Earth (Gondor, Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit, Ent, and Orc) and many of the locations will be incorporated into the hexagons.  For example, the barbarian and track from nights and cities is actually Smaug heading from Erebor to Lake Town.   Feel free to check out the final pieces and the cabinet I built for the game by clicking the appropriate buttons to the left.

This is my second 3D Settlers of Catan game and my original can be found here.